In partnership with Sony, introducing the world's first-ever integrated professional-grade video capture system. MeetMo's mobility app simplifies wireless connectivity from camera to anyone onset or remote video village.

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Loved and Trusted by Industry Leaders


Bidirectional Remote Collaboration

Seamlessly Interact with your team anytime anywhere

Highest Resolution

Professional broadcast video and audio quality

Lowest latency

Fluid conversations, synchronized audio, and real-time audience interaction

Custom Branding

Full customization and API interfaces to drive branded video experiences

Live events



Deploy branded experiences at any scale with monetization

Beyond standard web conferencing, changing how we connect, collaborate, and create

Virtualizing technologies to deliver hyper-realistic engagements

Professional Tools

MeetMo gives you easy to use highly customizable toolset that seamlessly accelerates creative content.

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Ease of use

Cloud-native platform which runs on any web browser, mobile phone, or desktop

Control Devices

Control DSLR and film cameras, PTZ Cameras, lights remotely, or use our MeetMo voice assistant to simplify the process

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Real-Time Collaboration at the Highest Resolution — Anytime, Anywhere

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Our MeetMo mobile app enables content creators to collaborate in real-time at the lowest latency at the highest resolution anywhere you are.