Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.1 — October 13, 2021

What is is a cloud-native platform that seamlessly connects devices, people, and ideas. allows you to extend your video village beyond your near set – to anyone, anywhere in the world at the highest quality and lowest latency.

We think it’s the future of video production.


How far can extend video village?

With, you can stream through any camera to anyone on near set – but also to people and teams who are thousands of miles away. 

Whether you are a team of 2 or 100 – you can collaborate simultaneously and in real-time. This goes beyond any normal video conferencing app or wireless technology.


How does achieve the lowest latency?

The algorithm automatically verifies your location and connects you to the closest data center. With multiple data centers available, it only takes an instant instance to find the connection with the lowest latency – wherever you are in the world. 

Average latency is from 20 ms or 1 a frame up to 250 ms or 6 frames.


How is different from other video conferencing apps?

Other video conferencing platforms are made for sharing business plans and spreadsheets. was designed and built specifically for the creative process. We know that creators demand the highest resolution, want real-time collaboration, and value simplicity and ease of use. delivers all this alongside fast, efficient and tetherless connectivity.’s extensive feature set includes standard tools such as document collaboration and video conferencing – but also advanced features such as live video annotations. It allows you to explore, test and execute ideas in real time. 

Is difficult to set up and use?

The App allows you to generate a single web link that all your collaborators can use to join a session. No software, no complex hardware – just one link with all the tools you and your partners need.  

It’s easy to mute and unmute participants, as well as use breakout rooms to facilitate collaboration in smaller groups. 


Is safe and secure? is private by design. We are very mindful of the security and privacy concerns of our users. offers full end-to-end encryption (e2ee) – industry-grade security and privacy that many video conferencing platforms lack, but is demanded by the media and entertainment industry. 

With – collaboration stays between you and your team only.


Does work with any input?

Yes!’s cloud-native platform can LIVE stream from a single camera or multi-camera set-up – including motion picture cameras and wireless video cameras. works with all industry-standard VTR’s, Post Production and VFX, and virtual production toolsets such as Unreal Engine and Unity.


How many simultaneous viewers can MeetMo support?

Currently, is limited to supporting up to 100 simultaneous viewers!’s cloud-native platform automatically scales depending on the number of viewers and the collaborator’s subscription plan. Please refer to MeetMo’s pricing plan for more information about viewing numbers and camera support. 


What are the minimum Hardware & Software requirements?

Since is a LIVE streaming platform with the highest quality feeds, it requires at least 10Mbps download and upload speeds. works both on Mac or PC. We recommend using with Chrome and Firefox for optimized, high-resolution feeds. is also compatible with Safari. 


How is different from YouTube?

Most LIVE streaming platforms utilize RTMP – which means that the best latency you can expect to achieve is typically 10 to 30 seconds. YouTube is actually more complex to set up than others – requiring the use of String Keys and activation codes. 

In contrast, is built to deliver simple, secure and wireless streaming with the lowest latency.


How is different from is a great solution for dailies and review of shot footage. However, it’s only accessible and viewable after the camera has been cut. At this point Teradek starts to encode the Mp4 video files and upload them to the cloud – making real-time view and remote collaboration impossible.

In contrast, is designed to facilitate real-time collaboration using live video feeds. 


How is different from Teradek?

Teradek and other wireless video companies offer great solutions for near-set video village. However, most wireless solutions only work at distances of around 100 feet to 3000 feet. Transmissions can also be affected by buildings and densely saturated wireless signals.’s integrated solutions, in partnership with Sony, have enabled us to develop a unique all-in-one encoder, streaming, and cellular + wifi bonding solution.


Why bonded WiFi + Cellular?

MeetMo’s algorithm bonds both Cellular + WiFi simultaneously to increase the reliability and provide extra redundancy for LIVE streaming.


What are the advantages of the + Sony Xperia Pro integration? and Sony have partnered to create a fully integrated and wireless LIVE collaboration system!

The Sony Xperia Pro’s ‘first ever’ direct HDMI input alongside’s App enables capture, streaming, and sharing – from anywhere in the world, to any team on the planet.


How does 5G help with remote collaboration?

5G mobile technology can – and will – usher in higher resolution and higher frame rate feeds for both traditional 2D and new immersive experiences such as VR and AR. It helps deliver faster, more uniform data rates, at a lower latency and lower cost-per-bit. 

Thanks to 5G, users can achieve up to 3GB speeds for downloads and between 60MBS and 150MBS for uploads.’s founding team recently showcased the world’s first-ever LIVE stream of an NFL game for Verizon in 8K – all on the 5G cellular network.


How does the early access program work?

The platform has been custom-built for several of our enterprise customers and studios. Now we want to offer our pre-launch application to you at a highly discounted introductory price. What’s more, you will keep paying the introductory price for life. 

Become an early access member and help shape the way we collaborate and create.

How do I get early access?

It’s easy! Simply follow or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Upon verification, the team will invite you to sign up for the early access pilot program.

Who Created’s founding team are award-winning technologists with several decades of experience in camera technology, visual effects, and post-production. 

Put simply, we get it. We built these tools for our own use and have used them to make our projects faster, cheaper, and more effective. We’re committed to maintaining a constant dialogue with our community, listening to feedback, and working to constantly add value to the platform

How Can I Start Collaborating or Using

To get started:   

  • Connect your camera directly to the Sony Xperia Pro
  • Launch the App and select your camera and audio input
  • Then invite your team to collaborate instantly via a secure link also works seamlessly with your existing devices. 

Use it with any Laptop or Desktop alongside the recommended USB to HDMI or SDI converters. 

  • Simply launch the App 
  • Select your camera and audio input 
  • And start collaborating

How much is per Month?

  • Indie = $285 Yearly plan 30% $199.00
  • Production = $485 Yearly plan 30% $339.00
  • Enterprise = contact us


How much is Sony Xperia Pro?

$2,498.00 Can purchase from Amazon or B&H


Will only work with Xperia Pro? is hardware agnostic and supports other mobile phones, however only the Sony Xperia Pro has the direct built-in HDMI input. will add other devices in the future. 


How much is the USB to HDMI/SDI converters?

You can source them on Amazon from $20 up to $500. recommends the Magewell capture adapters. 


How Cameras & Viewers can join in a room?

This all depends on the subscription plan. Please refer to pricing plan on

How soon before I can join the Early Access Program? will go LIVE on October 15th, 2021 with its Early Access program. 

What data is stored by does not store any text or media. This includes channel-level messages and connection-level audio streams, video streams, and data stream (data channel) messages. Event metadata is retained as necessary to support session views, statistics, usage, and other


Can I purchase support plans?

Yes, offers a variety of support plans that can be added to your subscription at any time.


How can I watch a demo of MeetMo?

We have weekly live demos called sessions which will allow you to get a hands-on experience of the platform. You will get a full demonstration, be able to ask questions to a teammate directly, and see how MeetMo will fit your needs. Please pick one that fits your schedule best here:
Does MeetMo support other languages besides English?


What payment methods do you offer? accepts all major credit cards at checkout including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners, and Discover. Quick checkout options including Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay


How many people can attend?

The number of concurrent viewers/participants is based on the subscription plan.
Indie plan is limited to 6 x concurrent viewers
Production is limited to 12 x concurrent viewers

Indie subscription plan:
Max number concurrent viewers: 6
Max number of cameras and devices: 2
Max resolution: 1080P
Outbound bandwidth included: 2TB

Production subscription plan:
Max number concurrent viewers: 12
Max number of camera and devices: 4
Max resolution: 1080
Outbound bandwidth included: 6TB

Enterprise subscription plan:
Max number concurrent viewers: 100+
Max number of cameras and devices: 60+
Max resolution: 4K
Outbound bandwidth included: >10TB


What are the subscription options? offers two different subscription tier plans and is based on different features and capacities all subscription plans are available both monthly and yearly subscriptions. A 30% discount is available for all annual subscriptions.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel the auto-renewal of your monthly subscription plan. Your annual pre-paid plans can not be refunded or prorated. All subscription management can be administered through the transactions page of your account.
If you cancel during your subscription period, you will continue to enjoy access to the MeetMo platform until the end of your subscription period. We will not issue a refund. However, your subscription will not renew at the end of your current subscription period and you will not be charged again unless you purchase another subscription.


Again summary of MeetMo differentiation. offers real-time collaboration at the highest quality, with the lowest latency on a secure platform. does not require the installation of software or complex hardware. Simply generate a web link – and collaborate! + Sony have formed a unique partnership to build a platform that offers integrated wireless streaming through 5G and private cellular. It can extend your reach well beyond near sets, enabling your team to move with a lighting pace without having to set up a video village. Teams are no longer limited by distance. is a powerful all-in-one solution. Your camera monitor, your encoder/streaming box / your wireless cellular network, and ability to LIVE stream – all in one place. utilizes WiFi and cellular bonding – creating secure and reliable wireless connectivity.’s ultra-low-latency enables your team to collaborate as if they were in the same space – no matter where they are located in the world. offers integrated solutions for collaboration with your entire team on private, secure, auto localization servers. Because you are not sharing your content via the same server as millions of other users, can deliver better quality, less latency, and sessions that are private and secure.